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Grocery store website not ‘a place of public accommodation’ under the ADA

By Ronald Miller, J.D. The statutory language of Title III defining “public accommodation” is unambiguous and clear, and describes public accommodations as tangible, physical places. In a non-employment case, a divided Eleventh Circuit held that a grocery store’s website was not “a place of public accommodation under the ADA.” The appeals court held that the absence of screen reader software on Winn-Dixie’s website did not...

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Introducing NVIDIA Jarvis: A Multimodal Conversational AI Framework

NVIDIA Jarvis is a GPU-accelerated framework for building multimodal conversational AI applications using state-of-the-art models that run in real-time. Jarvis is used for apps such as transcription, translation, virtual assistants, and more. Learn more: https://nvda.ws/2Qd1IBK#NLP​#ConversationalAI​#SpeechRecognition​#NaturalLanguageUnderstanding​#texttospeech