Sam Future Service Ltd is a natural tea distributor from Samarkand — an ancient city in Uzbekistan. The mission of the brand is to deliver quality beverages to people in a fast and comfortable way. Aslan tea is grown in China. Ceylon and Vietnam.

Its main market is Uzbekistan: people here love tea and drink it all seasons, even in the hottest summers, which are normal in the Central Asian region.

Our task was to create a packaging design for the Brand. It had to be unique, able to stand out among other tea brands, and easily understandable for customers.

We wanted to add some creativity and symbolism into the design — make it unusual and deep. That is why we focused on history of Samarkand and chose Sherdar madrasah’s lion as a mascot for the Aslan Tea.

Moreover, even the naming of the product — Aslan — is translated as «lion». We added wings out of tea leaves to our lion, making it even more mystique and attractive.

In addition to logo and naming, we developed a slogan: «Samarkand tea culture». It highlights the main value of the brand — developing eastern tea culture among its customers that are developed since the Silk Road period.

When it comes to the packaging itself, we used a simple, minimalistic design, that was absolutely honest to the customer. On the top of the packaging we showed how the tea will look when you boil it: the color and consistency on the pack is accurate.

Besides, at the bottom of the pack, we placed a small transparent window, that gives a customer a chance to see the product. This decision was unusual for tea companies of the region, as we became the first brand, that showed the naked tea through the packaging.

In a nutshell, Aslan tea got just what it deserved: honest and simple, but quite creative packaging for tasty and quality natural products. Currently, we are developing sachet packs for Aslan tea.

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