Coding Dojo Hosts Kushyar Kasraie & Jamieson Johnson (MobilePD)

We got the chance to hear from Kushyar and Jamieson, co-founders of MobilePD, which makes branded apps for Police Departments around the country.  They shared about how they got started with App development in college, started working together as entrepreneurs, and the transition from iCampus, another similar app product they began with.   We got to hear their thoughts about the best ways and topics to learn as a developer, about

Coding Dojo Hosts Matthew Shoup (LinkedIn)

This week we got to hear from Matthew Shoup, Hacker-in-residence at Linkedin.  Matthew shared great insights about being a self-taught programmer, coming from a non-CS background, keeping current as technologies evolve, and some of the cool projects he’s been working on.  He also talked about the unique culture at Linkedin, internal hack days, selecting two of the speed/quality/features set, working on 10x multiplier projects, and how

Coding Dojo Hosts Ricardo Sisnett (Oracle)

This week we got to talk with Ricardo Sisnett, Senior Software Engineer at Oracle. He talked about working in low level C and C++ code, how he came to work at Oracle after being at Intel, and explained about engineering culture at both companies.  He shared great perspectives on where the industry is heading and what our students could do to be most valuable as developers. Thanks for coming Ricardo!

Coding Dojo Hosts Sterling Hurd (Google)

This week we were privileged to hear from Sterling Hurd (Google) about how he became a software engineer.  He shared how he came to love coding, an intern at Apple, and now work at Google. Sterling now works on Google Local Search for mobile browsers, and shed some light on the development process and work environment there. A great quote he shared to illustrate his love of programming: “The programmer,

Coding Dojo Hosts Alan Olsen (Facebook)

This week Alan Olsen (Software Engineer at Facebook) visited us for our weekly tech talk.  Alan has an extensive computer science background (both BS and MS), and generally gravitates towards AI and machine learning.  He first got into programming because he loved being able to create, destroy, and start over again so easily.  Currently, Alan works on the Growth Team at Facebook as a front-end software engineer. Some highlights from

Coding Dojo Guest Lecturer – Product Design – Connor Sears (Pinterest)

We had an awesome opportunity this week to have Connor Sears (@Pinterest) join us for a guest lecture on Product Design.  He offered great insights about design, development, and how to weave them together.  Some highlights from the lecture: Design is so much more than making things look good.  We discussed Interaction Design (Shaping Behavior), and Graphic Design ( Visual Communication).  “Good systemic design prevents accruing technical debt.”  Plan

Coding Dojo Hosts Sukanta Ganguly (QuickPay)

We were privileged this week to talk with Sukanta Ganguly (CTO at QuickPay).  Sukanta holds several patents, a PHD in engineering, and has been in senior management and engineering roles for over two decades, a mentor, advisor, and investor in a number of companies in Silicon Valley. Some highlights from our talk: “It’s easy to pick up a book and read PHP or Node or Python or Ruby–

Coding Dojo Welcomes Mark Otto (Co-creator of Twitter Bootstrap and now @Github)

We had the opportunity this week to hear from Mark Otto (Co-creator of Twitter Bootstrap and now @ Github).  It was great hearing from him about his move out to Silicon Valley from Wisconsin, how he became a developer, and some of the cool projects he has, and is working on. Some highlights from our chat:  On Style Guides: Early on while working at Zurb, they began using style guides, which

Coding Dojo Welcomes Andrew Barinov (Spear App)

Andrew Barinov (Co-founder @ Spear App) joined us this week to talk about RoR, iOS, and how he became a developer. Some highlights from our chat: As you learn, don’t be afraid to ask people for help, you’ll be surprised who will help you. Good engineers are organized thinkers (good planning with goals), and are often 10x more effective, constantly learning, improving. Being well rounded is a

Coding Dojo Welcomes Jeff Schenck (@ Chewse)

Jeff Schenck (co-founder & CTO @ Chewse) joined us this week to talk about his story, his startup, and software development. Some highlights from our chat with him about what makes a successful developer, and what he looks for when hiring: For early-stage startup engineering hires: 1. Raw mental horsepower. Mental capacity and drive to learn new things all the time, and be constantly improving. 2. Experience isn’t as

Coding Dojo Welcomes Rajiv Bansal (@ Coosty)

Rajiv Bansal (founder @ Coosty) joined us this week to share his insights on software development, best practices, and entrepreneurship. When scaling a business, the right hires will be able to recruit people better than them and not feel threatened. Some highlights from our chat with him about what makes a successful developer, and what he looks for when hiring: 1. Attitude is most important – the right attitude cannot be