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Couchbase Webinar: Enable Real Time Responsiveness and Zero Downtime for Applications

With the world going online and data doubling in volume every two years, applications that rely solely on the cloud for data storage and processing are straining to keep up—especially applications that require high availability and sub-second response times. This is because a cloud computing model relies on the internet, which is subject to latency that slows applications, and subject to outages which lead to business downtime. Edge...


New Features in Couchbase SDK 3.1!

In the spring of 2020, we released the latest revamp of the Couchbase SDK: 3.0. Shipping alongside Couchbase Server 6.5.0 and offering early, experimental support for Scopes and Collections, it also included a completely new API and consistency across the different platforms. While SDK 3.0 was a significant milestone in the Couchbase history, it was just another incremental improvement for developers working with Couchbase Server....

  • Jeff Morris
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Couchbase
4 min read

At-rest data security with LUKS encryption

The Couchbase Server 7.0 Beta is now available with some additional enhancements to strengthen the security of the platform. Couchbase has always recommended that customers utilize disk encryption technologies to ensure that their data is secure as part of an overall security strategy. A new important announcement is the introduction of Couchbase Certification of LUKS On-Disk Encryption. Before we look at encryption and how it fits...

  • Ian McCloy
  • Principal Product Manager
  • Couchbase
5 min read

Onboarding Enterprises to Couchbase Support

We are delighted to announce the introduction of a brand new training course to assist your Enterprise with Onboarding to Couchbase Support. This free, online offering is designed and delivered by our most experienced Technical Support engineers. Its goal is to ensure we continue to provide the best possible Support experience for our customers. At Couchbase attacking hard problems is one of our core values.  We take great pride in...

  • David Haikney
  • VP of Technical Support
  • Couchbase
1 min read