COVID-19 Exposed the Digital Divide: Here’s How We Can Close it with 5G

The pandemic has recast our view of internet connectivity for all as a critical component to an equitable society. Yet many rural and low-income communities around the world, including those in large urban areas, lack reliable, affordable internet access. Learn what needs to be done now to close this digital divide. In 2020, the world embraced digital transformation at an expedited pace, reimagining technology’s critical role in how...

Try This on for Size: The Future of Retail is Social Commerce

In 2000, e-commerce primarily took place on individual websites. Today, it happens in marketplaces. In early 2020, Bank of America analyst Justin Post released an update on the latest e-commerce market share trends, and it indicates Amazon alone dominates the e-commerce market with 44% market share and growing. Tomorrow, however, companies want to drive sales from where users spend more of their time—on Facebook, Instagram, or...

Transforming global partnerships with Verizon’s uCPE platform

Universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) promises to bring simplicity and flexibility to managed network services. Using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware (also known as whiteboxes) a uCPE platform can host several network functions, such as routing, SD-WAN, WAN optimization, and virtualized security elements service chained all on one box, reducing the amount of dedicated hardware appliances needed at a location....

  • Dell Technologies
  • Verizon
4 min read

Building a 5G blueprint to speed deployment and time to revenue

  As operators invest in 5G networks and chart a course toward service revenues, scale is a key piece of winning consumer and enterprise business while also realizing the network resource and spectral usage benefits that 5G can unlock. However, achieving scale requires not just a massive investment in technology, but also an investment in rapidly deploying a steadily increasing stack of hardware and software. What that means for a...

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Dell Technologies White Paper: How telcos must transform to stay competitive in the 5G era

The new era of 5G networks dictates service providers (SPs) and network equipment providers (NEPs) what it takes to bring value to communication services not only via technology and operational innovations but also through an innovative business model that results in intelligent devices and applications consuming and generating data like never before. This white paper captures the new digital service opportunities for your 5G...