Introduction To Microservices

MicroServices or Microservice Architecture is a distinct method of developing and designing software systems. The concept of a microservice originally crept into the software development community’s consciousness around 2014 and was a direct response to many of the challenges faced with old monlithic architecture.In this post we will focus on the crave of microservices.What is a MicroserviceA microservice is a small, loosely coupled distributed service .Microservices allows

Different Hibernate Naming Strategy

This article discusses about different naming strategy provided by hibernate along with the shift of naming strategy from hibernate.ejb.naming_strategy in hibernate 4 to hibernate.implicit_naming_strategy and hibernate.physical_naming_strategy in hibernate 5.And at the end, we wil be take a look into implementing a custom naming strategy in hibernate and configuration to run with spring boot application.Hibernate 4 Naming StrategyHibernate uses these