Load Testing of a Microservice. Kubernetes way

Let’s assume there is a microservice represented by a composition of containers running on a K8s cluster somewhere in a cloud, e.g.Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE). At some point we want to quickly stress test a specific microservice component or the entire microservice. So we want to know how it works under the load, how it handles many subsequent requests coming from many parallel clients. The good

Running ADF Essentials on Tomcat in a Docker container

I develop sample applications pretty often. I try out some ideas, play with some techniques and share the result of my investigations with my colleagues and blog readers by the means of sample applications. When someone wants to see how the technique was implemented they just look into the source code and that’s enough to get the idea. But if they want to see how it actually works

Referring to ADF Faces component in EL expression

EL expressions are commonly used to specify attribute values of ADF Faces components on our page. It is interesting to know that we can use component keyword to refer to the component instance for which the EL expression is being evaluated. This is slightly similar to this in Java.For example, in the following snippet the button’s hint is evaluated as the button’s text value and