Coding Dojo Hosts William Lee (Applications Engineer, NeuroSky Inc.)

The journey to become an engineer is not an easy one as it requires years of tough school subjects and projects, intense bootcamps, and plentiful commitment. Knowing that this is not an easy journey, our recent guest William Lee chose to pursue three college degrees in an engineering field topped off with a MBA – all while interning and working full time at different organizations. His knowledge and experience is

Coding Dojo Hosts Kristopher Hamoud (Founder & CEO, Paytagz)

This past week we snagged a chance at having a fireside chat with Kristopher Hamoud, a Coding Dojo alumni and entrepreneur. We are so very proud of Kris’ achievements at the Dojo and even more proud that he has BEEN ACCEPTED INTO BOOST.VC‘S ACCELERATOR PROGRAM! Kris’ startup idea (Paytagz) is applaudable and is being funded by an accelerator program that is just a bit over

Coding Dojo Hosts Aaron Zeisler (Sr Software Engineer, Linden Lab)

This week we had the incredible opportunity of hosting Aaron Zeisler at the Dojo. Aaron is a Sr Software Engineer at Linden Lab, a former Sr Software Engineer at LifeMasters, and a Computer Science graduate from Bowling Green State University. We picked Aaron’s brain about his journey to his current role and are excited about both his impressive programming experience as well as his sense of humor! A

Coding Dojo Hosts Adrian Herbez (Co-founder, Jamwix)

We are very pleased to have been able to chat with Adrian Herbez, who impressed us with his journey as a game developer. Adrian has an Art background and was able to use this and become a very successful programmer with hard work, passion, and persistence. Adrian gave our ninjas great advice on how to stand out as a programmer amongst those who have a Computer Science degree and many