Opening Keynote - Thoughtfulness is a Superpower - Ryan Nece

When embarking on the journey of being an entrepreneur one has to understand that success takes introspection and thoughtfulness. Learning how to manage everything happening externally with your business and everything that is happening to you internally is easier said than done (but you can do it). Ryan will share how thoughtfulness helps entrepreneurs succeed, and how it shaped his personal journey—from NFL to entrepreneur to...

Open House Microsoft AI for Social Impact Jan 2021

Microsoft and Social Tech Trust are looking for UK organisations that support the UK healthcare, manufacturing and resources industries to recover faster and better from COVID-19. Impact should include improving the lives of patients, communities, employees and customers.➡️ Applications open until Sunday 24th January 2021➡️ Programme starts in March 2021 | 4-month online programme with approx. 2.5h of weekly commitment ➡️...

Philip Wootton from DocuVision | Source Code

In this episode of Source Code we meet Philip Wootton, a serial entrepreneur and someone who has many words of wisdom to share from his multiple laps around the block of building profitable companies. He speaks candidly about all the different waves of technical innovations his companies have lived through and how he still after all this time just wants to keep learning.Website:

David Prosser from ComUnity | Source Code

In our next episode of Source Code we meet founder of ComUnity David Prosser. David talks about how hard it was to build his company (it nearly folded after a few months) whilst trying to balance being there for his family. Join us for a genuine, honest, raw interview, where David's overwhelming message is that it's OK to be vulnerable.Website: