J2Pay – Implementing A Gateway

IntroductionWe are very excited to welcome contributors, if you have worked on any gateway you can implement that gateway in our library and support the open source world.You can find our github repository hereBefore you begin to implement a gateway there are some other classes you should see first.Below are the classes defined briefly.HTTPClientThe main thing when working with gateways you post some data to gateway and

J2Pay – Complete Example

IntroductionIn this section we will be looking in great detail of how to use a gateway and invoke all four methods successfully i.e. purchase, refund, void and rebill.For this example we will be using Authorize gateway. Let’s begin.First of all we will get the Authorize gateway object.Gateway gateway = GatewayFactory.getGateway(AvailableGateways.AUTHORIZE);But what if you would like to fetch the Authorize gateway dynamically for

J2Pay – Introduction

IntroductionJ2Pay is an open source multi gateway payment library for java (by tranxactive). The main goal of this library is to provide simple and generic request/response for multiple gateways at the same time it also excludes the reading of documentation of gateways. If you are trying to work on a gateway you do not have to read the documentation because this library has a built-in documentation.Merits and DemeritsThis