Software System Design Principles

1. System Design Principles – IntroductionIn this post, we feature a comprehensive article on Software System Design Principles. Software Architecture is very critical for creating complex software structures required for achieving several goals at the same time. Creation of right software architecture at the start of a project lead to better results in the long term in terms of Scalability, Availability, Reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Bad Software Architecture and

NoSql Databases: Cassandra vs Mongo vs Redis DB Comparison

1. What are NoSql Databases? NoSql (Not only Sql) databases are non-relational databases that are horizontally scalable, persist semi or unstructured data and have flexible schemas. These databases support multiple data models such as key-value, document, column-family, graph based, in-memory etc. for managing and accessing data. NoSql databases are best suited for building modern applications, which require large data and request volume, highly scalable, low latency, high-performance and flexible data