The Functional Style – Part 3

First-Class Functions I: Lambda Functions & Map.What is a first-class function?You may well have heard it said before that a particular language is functional because it has “first-class functions.” As I said in the first article, this is not my point of view. I do agree that first-class functions are an essential feature in any functional language, but I don’t consider that this is a sufficient condition

The Functional Style – Part 1

An introduction.Functional programming is a very hot topic nowadays. People are increasingly interested in functional and hybrid-functional languages such as Haskell, Scala, F# and Clojure, and functional programming is one of the most popular requested topics for discussion in conferences and programming communities. Since you’re reading this, maybe you are interested to find out more about it too; if so, this series of articles is meant for

Getters and Setters Considered Harmful

Java programmers habitually pepper their classes with “getters” and “setters,” and this practice is so ingrained that probably few ever question why they do so, or whether they should. Lately I have come think that it is better not to and I have begun avoiding it in the Java code that I write. In this blog post I will explain the reasons why. But first, a quick history lesson.JavaBeansGetters