Top 10 Free Python Compilers and Interpreters

1. IntroductionIn this lesson, we will cover some of the Python compilers and interpreters available for Python programming language. We will try to establish the use-cases in each of the interpreters and identify if any of them are available online where we can try them without any installations. Also we will see what advantages they offer apart from specific technical advantages.Table Of Contents1. Introduction2. Python Compilers and Interpreters2.1

ElasticSearch Tutorial for Beginners

1. IntroductionIn this example, we shall demonstrate how to make use of Elasticsearch, a distributed free-text search and analysis database engine based on Apache Lucene with a simple maven-based Java client.We will be using the latest version of Elasticsearch, which is ES v6.1.2 while writing this post. For this example we use the following technologies:Maven 3Java 8Elasticsearch 6.1.2   Elasticsearch is very well known