I’ve been using the iPhone X for a week — and it’s definitely worth the $1,000 price tag

Apple’s highly anticipated and long-awaited iPhone X is finally out. We got our hands on one and rigorously tested everything we could with it for over a week. Here's our review, and final thoughts, on the device. The following is the transcript of the video. STEVE KOVACH: I've been using the iPhone X for about a week now, and the big question on everyone's mind is whether or not it's worth a thousand bucks. And I...

  • Corey Protin
  • Steve Kovach
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The guy who started Android just teased a new mystery gadget

Android founder Andy Rubin appears to be gearing up for his next big thing. A few weeks after teasing the new smartphone his stealthy startup Essential is working on, he teased another product in a Twitter post Wednesday: Can anyone guess what my colleague Wei is working on? First correct guess wins a signed version of the product when it's ready! — Andy Rubin (@Arubin) April 12, 2017 Our guess? It...