Spring Custom Serializers with @JsonIdentityInfo

IntroSerialization/Deserialization from/to JSON in Spring is widely used in modern Spring-based applications. It is based on Jackson. Jackson can serialize any POJO into JSON and vice versa with ease. This code is well written. I never encountered any issues. It gets more difficult when custom serializers are involved. This post shows how to use custom serializers in Spring with autowired fields.Defining a Custom SerializerUsually a custom serializer

Search for time interval in logs

IntroThis post is indirectly related to my mini-series about log analysis. It would be great to read the two main parts to better understand what I’m talking about. Part 1, Part 2.This post describes one important problem I ran into while implementing the IDE approach.Task DescriptionWhen someone is working with logs usually he or she needs to investigate only one time interval. The available logs usually