The Issue

If you have guest access to multiple directories then switching is fairly easy. You simply click on your username, click switch directory and then choose your directory. Below is a simple example. But what happens when you try to switch to these directories in other portals like the Desktop Analytics portal ( In my experience it reverted me back to my default directory with no option to change directories.

Example 1 : Switching Directories in Azure Portal

Click Switch Directory
Select the Directory
Easy right?

Example 2 : Switching Directories in Device Management Portal

Navigate to Device Management portal
As you can see the directory has been changed to my default. Which is not what I wanted

The Resolution

As you can see it seems to be reverting to the default directory. But I need access on my other directory.

  1. Get the domain of the directory you would like to navigate to.
  2. Add this directory name in the URL as per below example

3. As you can see now you are logged in with the correct directory

As always, I hope this has been informative and feel free to correct me in any steps.