I saw Back to Bed a long time ago, when it was doing the rounds at UK conferences and showcases. It looked neat, but was a little rough around the edges and needed a bit of polish.

Fast forward one year, and the developer of this sleepy puzzle adventure - the appropriately named Bedtime Digital Games - is set to release the final version in August, first on PC / Mac, and a little later on on iOS and Android.

Take a gander at the trailer.

The visual style of Back to Bed is definitely influenced by surrealist artists like Dali, but the logic-defying gameplay is closer to something out of the mind of Escher.

You control a small dog-like creature who can scamper about each stage freely, and position obstacles for the main character to knock into. You're tasked with returning Bob - a narcoleptic - to his bed: pushing, prodding, and guiding him back to slumber town while avoiding hazards along the way.

We're quietly confident in this one being a bit of a hit, so stick with AppSpy for more coverage in the run up to its release this Summer.

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