Backblaze ( ) is an awesome company who not only create a mega reliable backup infrastructure but they also tell us how they do it and tell us what hard drives are good or bad.

They are so confident and experienced that they offer unlimited backups for $6.60 a month here in Australia. They state they have 750 Petabytes stored on their infrastructure & have restored over 40 billion files to customers.

Main features of Backblaze.

  • No limit to files that you back up (number or size or files)
  • Web-based file recovery (if needed)
  • They will mail you a hard drive if you need to restore large amounts of files.
  • Ability to locate lost or stolen computers.
  • Mobile app access your backups.
  • Business options for large computer fleets.


Creating a Back Blaze Account

Go to and create an account.

Login to back blaze at

Screenshot Login.

Choose a Backblaze Plan

Go to: to choose a backup and payment plan.


  • $6 AUD a month
  • or $60 for 12 Months
  • or $110 for 24 Months
Screenshot $6 AUD a month or $60 for 12 Months or $110 for 24 Months

Choose a payment plan

Pay by the month, year or bi year


Enter payment details

Screenshot, add CC or paypal

Click “Buy Backblaze”

Done, now I can download the client.

Installing the Backblaze Software

When the download is down you can start the install.

You will need to login to the install to streamline the setup.

Backblaze install screen asking me to login

After you login the installation will begin.

Backblaze is installing and checking what files need backing up.

Backblaze now reports that the install has complete. Backblaze reports that I have 379GB to backup.

Backblaze reports that I have 379GB to backup.


Pressing OK shows Backblaze is already uploading my files.

Also, I have 15 days free trial before being billed.

Clicking on the backblaze system tray icon reveals a few options

Backblaze system tray icon/

Backblaze Preferences

Backblaze preferences can be opened by clicking Settings from the main screen.


  • Renamed the computer.
  • Disabled backup on battery power
  • Disabled Automatic throttling and set faster backups
  • I set a private encryption key
I entered and encryption key

There is a 50 char limit on encryption keys

50 char limit on encryption keys message

Warning about not forgetting the encryption key

Message don;t loose the key

All other preferences look ok.

Backblaze preferences


That’s it the backup is uploading automatically and there is nothing else I need to do.

Backup is happily uploading.

Backblaze Portal

If you login to the backblaze portal ( here ) you can view your files (you will need to enter the private encryption keys if you opted to encrypt your files).

Backblaze portal

Restore Files

If you restore files you have a few options

  • Download the files (free)
  • Save files to B2 Cloud (Backblaze)
  • USB Flash Drive
  • USB Hard Drive
restore options. 1) download, 2) save to BS cloud, 3) USB Key, 4) USB Hard Drive

Choosing to download files you are given a treeview to restore files from.

Treeview folder to restore files


I selected a test file to restore (restores are not instant) and was informed I would be emailed when the files are ready to download. Thats cool

Screenshot, restore pending.

I waited 3 minutes and received an email that my files were ready to download.

Email: download ready

I hope this helps someone.

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