Some new graffiti has popped up in Bristol's Barton Hill that looks like it could be a Valentine's Day present from Banksy. The artwork shows a young girl firing roses from a slingshot, creating an explosion of petals that look not unlike a blood splatter (but are actually spray-painted ivy). You can count on the mysterious street artist to bring satire to pretty much any holiday (see his comment on homelessness over Christmas here). 

The graffiti was brought to our attention by James P. Bullock, this morning on Twitter, who had noticed people with scaffolding on the same building earlier in the day. It's in Banksy's trademark style, and the line drawing of the young girl is not unlike the girl in his famed work, Balloon Girl. (See our favourite street art examples for more inspirational artwork, or our best Valentine's Day gifts if you'd like to purchase something a little less bloody for your loved one.)

So far, there has been no confirmation of whether or not this is a real Banksy. That doesn't mean the people of Bristol won't be crowding round Marsh Road this evening. 

If you're in the area, check out our street photography tips in order to get the best shot. And get yourself one of the best camera phones while you're at it. 

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