EA DICE has announced that Battlefield 2042 update 3.1 will be dropping tomorrow. The free patch will be available to download on all platforms from 08:00 UTC, December 9, 2021.

Continuing to improve Battlefield 2042 based on feedback from critics and players, this update will improve gameplay with a new wave of weapon and vehicle balance changes.

DICE has also confirmed that this will be the final BF2042 update of the year as the studio winds down for the Christmas period.

Future updates and news on season one content will follow in the new year.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1 Summary

  • Improvements to bullets hit registration consistency.
  • Balance changes for bullet dispersion and recoil
  • Further balance changes to Ground Vehicle 30mm, 40mm, and 57mm Cannons to reduce their effectiveness against infantry
  • A fix for a rare bug where a player could appear invisible to enemies
  • Fixes for several bugs related to Grenades and Launchers
  • Improvements to the menu flow for Xbox players to make it easier to opt-out of Cross-Play
  • Multiple audio improvements to enhance your overall sound experience, focused on clarity, distance and directional perception

Battlefield 2042 launched to a somewhat middling reception from fans. With no campaign and the removal of the series’ traditional class based gameplay, the sequel has also been afflicted by server woes and myriad bugs DICE has been working tirelessly to fix. That said, it still carries the torch for large scale, tactical multiplayer shooters with huge maps, nail-biting clashes, and the ingenious Portal mode.

Here’s what we had to say in our Battlefield 2042 review at launch:

“There’s a good game to be found within the Battlefield 2042 and fun to be had as the spectacle of Battlefield’s signature gameplay is taken to new, more expansive heights, but it’s marred by a handful of unsuccessful gameplay design changes, hurriedly implemented features and bugs at launch.”

Source: EA