(Originally published as a comment on pump.io)

The problem is when we want to be like them. "Give me the free-as-beer Windows" attitude towards Linux (intentionally not using GNU/Linux, but that's another discussion) is repeated here with "Give me the Facebook/Twitter which doesn't bother me with spam". There is no such thing. Yes, certainly there is that we have to accept the limitations of our platform (no latest kewl games on Linux, no participants on pump.io/gnu social/diaspora), but there is a way deeper issue.

The only defense against "Give me the free-as-beer Windows" (or the first question being "How to run Wine on this?") is IMHO in not caring about what other people do. I didn't care when I started to use Linux and I don't care still whether Linux takes over the world, or whether I am able to get laid because of using Linux. I do care, whether while using Linux I can do things which I want to do with computer, and whether there is sufficient community which will maintain for me the platform in future.

Some platforms which I hoped for and invested in, did not manage to get over even that first step, but it seems that CyanogenMod with F-Droid (and without Google Play store) seems to work pretty well (with one or two sideloaded APKs). And yes, another concession is that the only Chat where are actually people I want to talk with is Facebook Chat. Fortunately, here at least I can be (on my side) FLOSS-pure … pidgin talking over XMPP with spectrum makes miracles.