Do you want to find the best Android music player?

If you are, you’ll find plenty to choose from, and there are also a lot of streaming apps that can be used as an Android music player as well.

The Android phones of today come with stunning sound options, and you can also find gadgets with Dolby Atmos, such as stereo speakers etc.

When you consider all of this, it is no surprise that most of our music consumption goes through our smartphones, and having the best Android music player can be pretty beneficial. Sure, there are a lot of options to choose from, and not everyone wants to stream when they see the amount of information included there.

Therefore, if you have your own music collection that you’d just like to listen to, there are some pretty good options.

From simple and minimal ones, to some heavy-duty ones with a lot of functions, looking for an Android music player can net you a lot of results in the Play Store, all you have to do is search for them. Without much further ado, below is a list of apps that you can choose from.

Let’s take a look at the best Android music player apps

Google Play Music

Google-Play-Music Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

If you have overlooked this Android music player app you have made a huge mistake. This music player for android is offering you a huge number of benefits that should make you to love this app.

Here you can add up to fifty thousand songs from any program where you are in the moment storing the songs. In case that you subscribe on Google Play Music you will get free access to the whole Google Play list together with YouTube Red.

In this way you will get to view nearly all videos ad-free and get access to programming produced especially for YouTube subscribers.


Poweramp Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

Poweramp is really the best mp3 player for android as it offers a huge list of options. Here you have a 15 days free trial with no barriers, only full access for 15 days as to see if you really like this app or not.

The chances to like this android mp3 player are honestly, very huge. Even if it has a visual look similar to the DoubleTwist, it is a great look app in its own way.

Here you will find a clean and crisp layout, big album full of artworks in the “now playing” button and some very good customizations. You can make various tweaks in the setting if you wish and choose from the huge number of themes that Poweramp has, so you may actually create your own music player as you always wanted.

Including a huge number of supported files, an equalizer, a view to see through your own folders, gapless, crossfade and much more, POWERAMP is surely the best android music app.

Doubletwist Cloudplayer

Doubletwist-Cloudplayer Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

DoubleTwist is becoming favourite android music player even if it has a deep root into the iTunes. The primary app of the DoubleTwist has been substituted here with the Cloudplayer version which is a newer version that looks very good and has tools into some of the most famous cloud storage services as to produce your music.

Here you can easily create your personal cloud streaming folder with the music you like, an OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox account on your DoubleTwist Cloudplayer. You cannot access to these through the in-app purchase, yet you can get the primary app for free. And in this basic best free music player for android you can play your FLAC files.

If you get the pro version of this app, you will get the chance to unlock the AirPlay and Chromecast support and also the equaliser tools that will assist you to get the best music. You can also use this app to listen to podcast and radio as well as it now has the support for both Android Auto and Android Wear.

Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle-Music-Player Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

This android music app it is surely worth your observation. Shuttle is really heavy duty and also has a lot of customizations and settings.

Here you can also find gapless playback, built in equalizer, sleep timer, a choice of some different themes and much more. If you are a Materyolo fan, you will definitely like this app. You can either purchase this music app or get it for free but in either way, you will surely enjoy the app.


Equalizer Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

As the name itself is telling you, this is a really decent Equalizer and also one of the best music apps for android. It is a really great Android music player but if you want to use everything that this music player offers, you will need to pay for it.

Here you can find equalizer with bass booster presets, a visualizer that can be shown on the second screen, contextual search, fade and much more.

You can get this Android music player for free and you can get access to the principal equalizer controls as well or if you want to use all of the advantages of this app, you can buy it.


BlackPlayer Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

This less known Android music player is a minimalist, slick app with a good configurable interface that has good features. The swipe controls will let you navigate the library’s views easily such as the album, track, genre, artist etc and as playback, too. You can use the vertical swipes as to go on the next or the previous tracks.

This Android music player has a 5 band equalizer and also a huge number of audio effects like virtualizer and bass booster, and crossfade and gapless playback on the gadgets that are supporting it. It comes with three widgets, support for FLAC and embedded lyrics and ID3 editor.

Pi Music Player

Pi-Music-Player Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

PiMusic Player is the best android mp3 player and it offers you many features that you will want from an excellent music player like library management, 5 band equalizer, configurable themes and playlist controls and it also includes many good extras.

If you want to use some song as a ringtone for your mobile phone, you should use the ringtone cutter tool as to cut the track. You can also find a option called PiPowershae with which you can share your favourite music track with your friends across the platforms by sending them a 6 digit code.

They just need to enter the code into the app or on a browser page and that’s it.


AIMP Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

This Android music player app may look a little bit simplistic as compare to the other apps included in this list, but maybe that’s the point here. This is the best music player that it gets right to the point. It only plays your music and it is not distracting you.

With this music app you can listen to every audio file sorts including lossless and lossy formats and it also has a ten band equalizer which is really rare to find in a free music players. You can mix multi channel files to mono or stereo as well. It is a good choice and it won’t let you down.


Phonograph Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

This app is frequently considered as the best free android music player, primary because of the various built in colour themes and because the interface colours are changing as to match the content on the display.

Photograph might be the perfect music player for you if you are into very standard features and you simply want to listen to some music.


Pulsar Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

In case that you don’t have a modern gadget but outdated hardware, the present-day apps can frustrate you with choppiness and lag. With Pulsar you will get the perfect balance among the great appearance and the lightweight performance.

If you get the pro version of this Android music player, you will get many benefits such as five band equalizer, reverb features and bass booster and all of this for only 3$.

You can download the free version of Pulsar as well in which you will get fast search, smart playlists, built in tag editor and gapless playback.


Musixmatch Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

If you want a little bit different music player app, Musixmatch it will be perfect for you.

It comes with an elegant interface for listening music, FloatingLyrics widget that sync the lyrics to the music that you’re listening, and allows you to read it while you are listening the tracks on your default music app, YouTube, Spotify and many more music apps.

If you know the lyrics of some song but not the name, you can simply add the lyrics into the widget and it will find you that song itself. You will not regret having this music player on your smart phone.

jetAudio Music Player

jetAudio-Music-Player Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

This android music player has strong host of effects and tweaks that you can add while listening to your favourite tracks. Here you can find Bongiovi DPS and AM3D Audio Enhancer that increases the sound processing in the best way possible.

If you want to get a huge number of widgets, pitch sniffing, viewing options and much more, you can get yourself the plus version of the jetAudio music player for only $ 4.99.


MixZing Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

MixZing is an all-around media app that manages music and video with similar composure. Here you can find a feature which identifies your music even without tags, and pairs it up with lyrics and artwork.

This app guarantees you that there may be some empty spaces or universal musical notes while you’re scanning your library and cherishing the record covers.

You can also find the Mood Player, that will automatically make playlists oriented on your feelings, and while you’re online, you will get additional entertaining references based on your personal choices of music.

PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro-Music-Player Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

If you are looking for a music player app that is similar to the Poweramp, this will be the perfect app for you. Here you can download and display the album art and lyrics whilst playing the music. You can also find different extensions and themes, skins, which will assist you to customize your knowledge.

It has scrobbling support for websites like so you can sync your music and also the song tags can be corrected directly from this app. This music player app comes together with a huge number of options for the lock screen widgets that are providing you with a rapid access to your music player.

PlayerPro features are including smart playlists so you can adapt them with your music choices.

n7player Music Player

n7player-Music-Player Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

This app gives you something a slight different such as a tag cloud, where song names and artists are presented on your display, in alternating sizes, contingent on how often you are listening to them.

It has a great look and it comes with its own equalizer with haptic feedback. Original, with some exceptional performance of the multi-touch, n7player surely deserves to be checked out.

Rocket Player

Rocket-Player Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

This music player is competing against the biggest names of this field. Here you can find a huge number of free themes and templates.

You can either get the free version that gives you very standard and basic options, or you can go for the Premium version that offers you the preamp, left and right balance controls and much more audio formats for $ 2.49 to $ 3.99.

You can search through various tags, composers and playlists with the extensive search option which is easily to do now thanks to the recent Material Design style update.


VLC Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

This app is mostly used as a video app for mobile devices and computers and it has its own very good audio player as well. With VLC for Android you can play any audio or/and video files that you want, as well as network shares and drives, network streams, ISOs and much more. VLC has a complete database, five band equalizer as well as filter options etc.

Here has album and cover artwork and headset controls and it is also completely free without any ads and it should be free forever. It will help your video and audio needs for sure, so give it a try.

GoneMAD Music Player

GoneMAD-Music-Player Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

If you’re looking for a music player that is all about the customizations, GoneMAD is the perfect match for you. Here you can find over 250 various customization options accessible. You can use this app for everything, starting with FLAC to MP3, OGG, it also supports most of the file sorts and it has a huge number of audio controls.

A ten band equalizer is also included. It has crossfade, auto volume adjustments and boosting, smart playlist, bass boost, multi window support with select gadgets and much more.

If you want to enjoy in everything in here more than two weeks, and use the light and dark themes as well as the heavy customizations, you will need to buy this app only for $3.99.

Stellio Music Player

Stellio-Music-Player Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

One of the best things of this music player is that the app theme is changing depending on the album art colour. So yes…whenever a song changes the theme of the app changes as well, based on the cover art colour. Awesome, right?

There are also included many features such as gapless playback, crossfade, scrobbling, tag editing and much more. Stellio supports lossless formats and it also has a 12 band equalizer and many audio effects like Balance, VolumeAmp, AGC, Flanger, Reverb, Z- Treble, Z- Bass and many more.

This music player supports playback controls from Android Wear watches and many more options and features. So if you are looking for one of them, this is the best music player app for you. You can either download the free ad enabled version or you can get the ad free Premium version that will unlock some more cool themes.


Minima Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

This is a new awesome music player produced from the XDA team. It is offering a fresh experience and that why you should check this music player. This app opens up with a cover flow UI that is bringing diverse categories such as all the albums, tracks, playlists, genres, etc.

Each section has a superb looking UI, with a blend of Material Design and additional UI elements. The Now Playing page also deserves to be mentioned, since the ring pattern looks just amazing.

Minima has huge number of features such as sleep timer, many customization options, swipe to close player and much more. Minima is still young music player but if you choose it, you can get a great-looking music player. You can download this app for free and you can also expect many more features in the future.

Neutron Music Player

Neutron-Music-Player Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

This Android music player it is worth to spend your money on if you are seeking for a great performance and sound quality. For the highest quality of sound and audio playback on the android smart phones, this music player is using a 32-64 bit audio rendering.

It is also supporting many features and sound effects together with a host of sources incorporating network gadgets with UPnP/DLNA or SMB/CIFS support.

You can either get the free trial version on your Play Store and see if it is worth buying, or get the full version for only $5.

Media Monkey

Media-Monkey Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

Media Monkey has a huge number of features and also organizational features for stuff such as podcasts, audio books, and also the ability to sort the tracks by stuff such as composer. This music player also has some primary things like equalizer.

What is very good in this music player is its ability to sync the music library from your PC to your smart phone and back, over Wi-Fi. It is maybe a little bit complicated system, but it is really a one of a kind feature. Media Monkey is a solid choice with a simple interface.

Cloudskipper Music Player

Cloudskipper-Music-Player Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

This is an elegant, fun with an easy to use interface music player. It may have some quirks and bugs since it will not be updated anymore, but it is still a very great music player. It has some good eye-candy as well.

TTPod Music Player

TTPod-Music-Player Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

Although a lot of the text appears in Japanese, Chinese and some other characters, TTPod is still a well feature packed music player. It is almost like MixZing and it has a lot of features.

Meridian Player

Meridian-Player Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

This is a very good video and music player and even if it hasn’t the best and simplest interface, it works pretty well and has many features. What is good here is that the Meridian supports the 5 star rating systems that are not supported by many others music players on Android smart phones.


Spotify-Music Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

Spotify is definitely one of the best music player apps worldwide. You can get six account on this app for only $15 per month. This music player app is distinguishing itself among the great amount of curated playlists and also suggestions as to assist you to go easy on your work day and enjoy the late night party.

YouTube Music

YouTube_-Stream Best Android music player apps to listen to music on them

YouTube Music, previously known as Music Key is the video streaming oriented app and surely the best music player in this list. This app is providing its users with way in to about 30 millions music videos.

You can directly generate a continuous station and search for videos, artists and albums, with personal stations that comes from your preferences.

Beside of the music videos, on YouTube Music you can also find remixes, full albums, covers, classic recordings, full concerts and also instructions system powered by the streaming site.

If you are a YouTube Red subscriber, you will get ad free listening, also background listening, offline music and the audio only mode which skips the video downloads.


So, you have by now seen our list of some of the best music player apps for Android which you can use any time you want.

You may already using the Google Play Music application as it comes together with the most Android phones, but it still might need a replacement.

You can find many awesome music player apps for your Android smart phone in this list, such as YouTube Music as one of the best apps, Musixmatch which provides you with the lyrics for almost all tracks, or PlayerPro which is bringing modern features in a somewhat outmoded UI.

Anyway, in this list you can easily find any type of music player for your Android smart phone right away.

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