Last week, Destiny 2 players finally saw The Gunsmith, Banshee-44, sell the Wrath of Rasputin mod. For many players, Wrath of Rasputin was the missing piece in a build focused on clearing out large groups of enemies by way of Warmind Cells. However, some others might have bought Wrath of Rasputin simply because the Destiny 2 told them to, without knowing why it's so useful.

Wrath of Rasputin is a Warmind Cell mod that creates the glowing balls of energy from solar splash damage kills. So, weapons like Sunshot, Xenophage, and Sola’s Scar, as well as solar weapons with Dragonfly, are capable of creating Warmind Cells. On top of that, any solar ability kills have a chance to do the same.

Once the Warmind Cell is on the field it is a somewhat potent form of “add clear,” or a way to take out groups of enemies with red bar health. It explodes when shot and sends out a burst of energy that can take out an enemy or two. However, there are a few additional Warmind Cell mods that can take Wrath of Rasputin to the next level and make for an incredible Destiny 2 build.

The first and almost essential Warmind Cell mod is Global Reach. This is a 1 energy cost mod that can slot into any piece of armor regardless of its elemental affinity. The mod increases the radius of Warmind Cell explosions, making it so more enemies are taken out when detonating a Cell. Without Global Reach, Warmind Cells are only mildly effective when it comes to add clear.

The other great Warmind Cell mod that pairs very well with Wrath of Rasputin is Rage of the Warmind. This Destiny 2 mod gives the Warmind Cell explosions additional solar damage, so they have a greater likelihood of taking out more enemies. On top of that, Rage of the Warmind’s bonus solar damage counts for Wrath of Rasputin. In essence, it makes it so Warmind Cell explosions can create Warmind Cells.

With the combo of Wrath of Rasputin, Global Reach, and Rage of the Warmind, players will have a great starter build for Warmind Cells in Destiny 2. There are also mods like Sheltering Energy, which gives players an overshield when they “consume” a Warmind Cell, or Power of Rasputin, which buffs damage against combatants near Warmind Cells.

There are a lot of different ways to expand upon the idea of Warmind Cells, but the key is being to create them first. However, the limitation of having to use a Seraph Weapon or an Escalation Protocol weapon has kept people from using them as frequently. But now that a weapon like the new Ticcu’s Divination bow can also create Warmind Cells, more players are starting to experiment with these types of builds.

Destiny 2 is available now.