Learn how to do server administration and curious which Linux distribution you should use?

I’ll go over pros and cons of the most popular.


CentOS is the best choice for business servers.

It’s based off of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), very stable and secure. Less buggy since it’s slower to adopt the very latest software and updates. I recommend this if you have multiple people and clients all relying on the same server. Generally, CentOS is the standard for web-servers and compatible with all web-server software out there. I’d guess 95% of the webhosting market uses it. You only use something else for very specific reasons.


Ubuntu is a popular choice for single users.

Are you the only one managing this server? Then Ubuntu (based off of Debian) may also be a good pick. Can be considered higher performance and more updated since it uses the latest software but at the same time can be seen as slightly less stable and also more buggy. Personally, I’ve 0nly used Ubuntu for desktop use (it’s very popular there) and never for web-servers although many have and prefer.