Every week, we at Cheeky Scientist scour the Internet for the best articles on topics that help in the search for the Best of Transition: PhD Job Search in the industry.

Our two consultants independently search for the most informative articles in the categories of networking, CVs/resumes, interviews, transferable skills, academic blues, industry positions, and business acumen.

Our consultants vote on a top article for each category and a top overall article for the week – if it’s a recent article that can help readers find and acquire PhD jobs, then we want to include it in this weekly digest.

So without further delay, here are Best of Transition: PhD Job Search articles for the week of March 6th 2021 for PhDs.

This Week’s Best Articles On PhD Jobs And Job-Search Strategies, March 6th, 2021

Top Overall: The Cheat Sheet You Should Fill Out Before Every Phone Interview – Regina Borsellino


Top: 10 Essential Tips for Using Social Media to Help Your Career, Not Hurt It – Dana Brownlee

The best networkers do these 9 things differentlyAnouare Abdou

A Practical Guide to Networking in the New NormalDeanna deBara

3 Ways To Clean Up Your Social Media Before A Job Search – Ashira Prossack


Top: Three Tips For Creating An Irresistible Job RésuméForbes YEC Council Post

This is the best resume we’ve seen for 2021’s job search– Laura Berlinsky-Schine

How to get your resume past Artificial Intelligence (AI) screening tools: 5 tips – Kevin Casey

9 Things That Don’t Belong on a Cover Letter– Biospace Editorial Staff


Top: The Cheat Sheet You Should Fill Out Before Every Phone Interview – Regina Borsellino

How To Avoid Salary Negotiation’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ – Kate Dixon

The 5 Questions You Should Expect At Your Next Job Interview Inverse Editorial Staff

A career expert shares 5 questions she wishes more candidates ‘had the guts to ask’ during job interviews – Liza Kirpatrick

Transferable Skills

Top: 15 Tips For Rejoining The Workforce After Raising Kids– Forbes Coaches Council

Leadership Skills For The New Hybrid Workplace – Kamal Dutta

Persuasive Communication: 5 Ways to Improve Your Skills – Ryan Estis

7 Steps of the Decision-Making Process– Lucidchart Content Team

Academic Blues

Top: ‘Shooting Yourself in the Foot’ – Colleen Flaherty

US universities have cut 650,000 jobs, a 13 percent workforce reduction, since the onset of the pandemicAlex Findijis

Ph.D. applications increase as departments face budget cutsOlga Benacerraf

Can Higher Ed Save Itself? – Gabriel Paquette

Industry Positions

Top:Biotech In-Demand Jobs: Regulatory Affairs Kymberlie Krieger

Influential Voices On The Future Of Work: Dex Hunter-Torricke Communications Expert– Nicole Silver

How can you maintain company culture when everyone is working from home?Victor G. Snyder

How to Land a Job in One of the Fastest Growing Industries – Poornima Apte

Business Acumen

Top: Personalized Medicine Is The Next Big Trend For Biotech Stocks & 1 Company Could Radically Disrupt The IndustryA. Lawrence

Must-have Business Skills To Take The Entrepreneurial PlungeDr. Vivek Bindra

Oncolytics Biotech Inc. (ONCY) CEO Dr. Matt Coffey on Q4 2020 Results – Earnings Call Transcript –Seeking Alpha Transcripts Team

BioSpace Movers & Shakers, March 5– Alex Keown

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