Have you ever considered putting video into your presentations? Well, it’s about time that you do. This year, it is projected that 74% of internet traffic will comprise of video material. Yet, only 4% of presenters utilize video during their presentations.

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But, video is capable of providing your company or organization with major marketing and sales gains. Here is a compilation of best practices to adhere to when using video in your presentations:

The shorter, the better

According to Forbes, video that totals to 30-60 seconds is ideal for a presentation. This is because studies have shown that 75% of people will watch a video in its entirety if it is 60 seconds, maximum. At Ethos3, we’ve had clients use brief videos as tutorials, client testimonials, product explanations, and more.

Integrate, don’t segregate

Whether you use Keynote or PowerPoint, you can insert video easily into your slide deck, instead of leaving your presentation to find it elsewhere. You want to deliver a seamless performance to your audience, so don’t jeopardize your success by refusing to insert your video into your presentation.

Quality over quantity

It’s much more economical of your presentation time to include one high-quality video versus several low-quality videos. 92% of potential buyers use visuals as a purchasing factor. You can get 4x the amount of consumers to view a video about your service or product versus an article. Videos can only serve to add legitimacy and credibility to your overall message. Also, never include an irrelevant video. Just like any other piece of information you decide to display in your deck, a video should be relevant to the topic, the audience’s need, and the desired results. If your video doesn’t meet all of these requirements, then you probably shouldn’t be including it within your slides.

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