Well, We got little busy with the devices here and had no time for pushing the posts. However we did not miss on noting all new games rolling out. So, here is the list of games for this week.

Best WP Game for Week Eleven

Counter Strike: Its a Rapid Gun first person shooter game. If you love gun shooting game, you should not be missing it. That said, its very simple as well. You get enemies coming in straight line, they fire under cover and you need to hit them left and right. Don’t expect high graphics here.

Dead Target Zommbie: If you love Zombie games, this is one game you need to play. The game comes with amazing graphics and the right kind of effect you need, when walkers are around. All the stages are mission based and you get rewarded for that.

While you can’t move around much, but you will be able to change directions to shoot down zombies coming from everywhere. You get guns, upgrades, ammos and everything.

Price: Free

Tigerball: Getting bored ? This game is fun, and all you need is to drop the ball in a basket. However this ball is little crazy. Is one of those crazy balls you played as kid which changes direction at random. Its tiger skinned and hence the name of the game.

TigerBall TigerBall
Price: Free

Last Hope: Zombie Sniper 3D: This game is all about Zombie shooting using a sniper. You get the sniper view to bring down zombies when they are at a distance or just use muscle memory to shoot them as they close by. You also have boss mode in the game where a big zombie tries to get to you.

Wings of Fire: It’s a fast game where you fly a plane and fly indefinite collecting coins, power ups and so on. These coins can be used to upgrade or buy new planes. The controls are pretty good. You can choose between tilt or manual ones. The only thing you will need to master is how to fly it up or down.

Wings on Fire Wings on Fire
Price: Free

Tile Tail:It’s a tile based number game where you need to draw a path to get largest total. You get from tail to head of the diamond, moving forward. The game is fun to kill a lot of time. The background music keeps you going as well. A must have for number geeks.

Tile Tail Tile Tail
Price: Free

Flat out It’s fas paced puzzle game where you need to match gems by connecting them together, form a shape. Its easy but here is the catch. The gems you match, becomes your fuel and you need them to continue your game. If you run out of fuel, it’s over. There are total of 8 Map Packs will keep you entertained for hours.

Flat Out Flat Out
Price: Free

Return of the Ducks:

It’s a simple duck shooting game where you need to save your pumpkins from the ducks. The graphics are well done, controls are nice and you have loads of guns to choose from. You get coins which can be used to upgrade. Simple and helps you to kill lot of time.

Gravity Badgers Gravity Badgers
Price: Free