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Beware of becoming an Enterprise Architect

Beware of becoming an Enterprise Architect (i)


The architect has to gently let the stakeholders know that there is really no enterprise wide blueprint today, there never was and that the enterprise is all in our heads. Because most stakeholders justifiably think that the enterprise would not operate without one and IT, at least, already has a big master plan.


But, at the same time one must be careful to not over promise EA, because modelling methods today are not of that great help, really. They encourage more posturing and explanations of the EA worth rather than delivery. But without a proper method, you are on your own with all the high stress and anxiety that comes with that.


To confuse the situation of EA, everyone in IT calls oneself an enterprise architect today, in particular the software architects. Everybody is confused when an advertised EA position requires SQL and strong Microsoft and Azure skills. Stakeholders are not too happy about that too. Nobody quite knows what your responsibilities are. So they keep passing to you all the issues that fall between the cracks.


And, to make the EA architect's life unenviable, no business in its right mind proceeds to transform the enterprise only for enhancing its architecture. To proceed, the business people need a profit there as an outcome of the transformation equation. Hence, the architectural debt is paid only by stealth, inserted deep inside the business strategy. 


The architect would also have to stand tall against the culture of status quo. The enterprise architect may become, as a result, a persona non grata in own enterprise. (S)he may suffer a certain amount of bullying so that it keeps the mouth shut.The stakeholders would vigorously defend their turf against the real or perceived change coming with EA because of the enterprise architect. Nothing personal though.  



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