The Big Data system filters the vast amount of information that now flows to governments and can then, potentially, prevent terrorist threats and cybercrime, experts say.

“The volume, velocity and variety of data that is coming into an organisation is beyond its ability to gain any value from it,” said Rupert Hollin, a top security expert.

“So if it is getting too much, too quickly – it is a big data problem.”

He presented the concept to defence companies, including Tawazun, at an event in the capital on Wednesday.

“If you’re getting all the information, you want to get the value from it,” said Mr Hollin, director of strategy and planning of public security in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific at Sas, a software company.

“Sometimes, law-enforcement agencies get all the information in and then they don’t do anything with it. Then a terrorist attack or protest will happen. So they find out they had the pieces of the jigsaw but if they had been able to take value from it, then they could have prevented the event.”