Phiaton Chord MS 350 BF deal

A great pair of headphones with excellent audio quality is usually associated with a wired headset, and while most times it might be the case, you can find a really good pair of wireless headphones that put out great sound too. The downside is that they can sometimes tend to be a little more expensive since they’re wireless. As this is Black Friday though there tends to be some really good deals on all kinds of products, headphones included. As one would have it, Amazon has a really good deal on wireless Bluetooth headphones from Phiaton right now, called the Chord, which are going for $99.99 right now down from a normal price of $349.99.

The Phiaton Chord support Bluetooth 4.0, and they have active noise canceling technology so they should easily block out background noise, making it possible to focus more on the rich sound coming out of the headphones and your listening experience more enjoyable. They also allow for a connection to two devices at once thanks to the multi-point connection technology built-in, and with up to 30 hours of battery life you can listen to music all day and all night without worry. Should the battery die though, the headphones come with an included 3.5mm audio cord to plug into your devices so you can continue to listen to music until you’re able to recharge the headphones.

Phiaton Chord MS 350 BF deal Phiaton Chord MS 350 BF deal Phiaton Chord MS 350 BF deal

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