Granville Woods.
Dorothy Vaughan.
Katherine G. Johnson.
Mark Dean.
Frederick McKinley Jones.

What do all of these people have in common? Well, these men and women were (are) powerhouse tech leaders who contributed to how we use, view and interact with technology today. These men and women were unafraid of pushing the envelope. These men and women were passionate about the unknown, and hungry to learn more. These men and women pushed through adversity and made a silent vow to ignore anyone and anything that tried to tell them they could not accomplish something.

These men and women were African-American technology thought leaders.

In honor of Black History Month, we here at Coding Dojo salute these pioneers for paving the technology pathway that we so proudly walk on today. These men and women did not let anything hold them back from greatness.

We believe the same for our students. We believe that ANYONE can code and nothing should hold them back from achieving a bright future.

Who knows…we may have another powerful inventor in our midst such as Granville Woods…or women similar to Katherine G. Johnson or Dorothy Vaughan who helped NASA achieve what some thought to be…well, unachievable… or a Mark Dean who currently holds three of IBM’s first patents and was the co-creator of the IBM personal computer.

These amazing women and men did not let race or culture define who they were or what they did. They believed they could, so they did.

We believe the same here at Coding Dojo. Anyone who believes they can code, will.

Black History month is a time for us to not only honor African-American men and women who have contributed to society as a whole, but it’s a time for us to recognize an entire race. A race of people who lived through tremendous opposition, and now will continue to freely contribute to technology in a way the world cannot ignore.

Coding Dojo is invested in helping minorities achieve their career dreams. We have developed a special Diversity Scholarship that can be found at