Bloggers want to write something that matters. That’s why skill-learning blogs are among the most popular types of blog in 2019. There are countless professional bloggers who put their unique knowledge and skillsets out into the world so that anyone can become a pro for free.

People use blogs to learn languages, make money, improve their wellbeing, and hack their way to success in virtually every field imaginable. If you’re looking to level up in your career, expand your horizons, or make some extra cash, these are the types of blogs you need to be following in 2019 and beyond.

Blog Education: Learn a New Skill with These Innovative Blogs

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1. Personal Finance

Personal finance might seem like more of a lifestyle topic, but learning how to manage and grow your money like a pro opens up countless personal and professional doors. There are so many great blogs to choose from, often run by some of the most accomplished figures in finance. There’s the aptly-titled ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich‘ blog, owned by the investor and GrowthLab founder Ramit Sethi, which covers everything you need to know about putting your savings to work. You might want to fine-tune your lifestyle with a ‘FIRE’ (Financial Independence, Retire Early) blog, which will teach you how to cut back and live a fulfilling life at the same time. The list goes on.

2. Career Hacking

As many of the top business bloggers in the world already know, playing by the rules and simply working hard is not enough if you want to rise to the top of your field. You need to learn the skills and tricks of ‘career hacking’. These include the interpersonal skills you need to build a network, the perception skills needed to spot the right opportunities, and the business acumen needed to fend off the competition. Try the Brazen Life blog, which includes regular contributions from CEOs in every profession.

3. Language Learning

There are few ways better to boost your desirability as a job candidate than by learning a new language. Naturally, this is a lengthy, holistic process, but some of the most accomplished polyglots in the world have taken the time to blog their secret tips for mastering a language quicker than you can imagine. There are different blogs for different languages, but the Fluent in 3 Months blog, run by a man who speaks 10 languages fluently, will give you a whole new perspective on learning languages.

4. Income Boosting

If you are looking to do some investment in short term options, there are blogs for every conceivable way to do so. One of the most popular is forex (foreign exchange) trading, which can be done online from anywhere in the world. Forex Trading Academy’s how to trade Forex blog covers everything you need to know about foreign exchange, including the best platforms, how to spot a currency fluctuation and the strategies used by some of the world’s most successful traders.

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5. Programming

We live in a digital world, which is why programming languages are fast becoming one of the most desired skillsets that top companies look for. They say that once you master one programming language, the rest will fall in line. That’s why you just need one really good blog to get you started. There is one for every language, but if you want to get started with the most popular one, Java, then you should start reading the Java Revisited blog, which is updated with almost daily tips from a software professional with more than a decade of experience.

6. Starting a Business

Entrepreneurialism is the quickest route to riches, but a successful business requires the owners to have an immensely varied skillset. It can be a lot to take in, but if you don’t have the means to get a Harvard MBA, then following the business blogs of millionaire entrepreneurs is a good way to get the insider information you’ll need. One of the best ones is Fast Company, a gorgeous blog that regularly enlists the help of tech, retail, finance, and hospitality entrepreneurs to provide all the knowledge you’ll need to start a million-dollar business from scratch.

7. Personal Branding

A strong personal brand will take you anywhere you want to go. The art of marketing oneself is something of an emerging skillset, which is why now is the time to master it. If you learn how to be an attractive brand, opportunities will come to you. There are lots of ways to get the low-down on how to do this, but the most comprehensive is the Personal Branding Blog, which has an immense trove of information available on how to boost your image, cultivate followers, attract opportunities, and curate an online presence that clients and employers will love. The simple language and accessible format mean that anyone can get started with this insightful blog.

8. Perfecting an Art

Artistic skill is not just a professional asset – it’s a spiritually fulfilling way to boost your wellbeing. You can utilize blogs to learn how to cook like a Michelin-starred chef, write like a Pulitzer winner, and play the piano like Mozart. If the visual arts are more up your street, then the Fast Company Design Blog can be used to access lessons and tips from accomplished artists within painting, interior design, stage production, graphic design, and more.

When a world of expertise is only a click away, you really have no excuse. Follow these awesome blogs today to level-up and change your life.

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