The Medium Playground concept Art

If you take a trip to Warsaw, Poland any time soon, you might find a surprise on the side of a building. Bloober Team’s The Medium now has art painted right onto the side of two massive buildings in the city.

Revealed in a post on Twitter via the official The Medium account, the two massive pieces of art were painstakingly painted in two different locations. Each features protagonist Marianne as she appears in the world of the dead. Her white hair and brown jacket stand out against the massive, bright orange background. Those painting the mural had to stand on a platform that moved up and down across the building, putting it together a bit at a time. Warsaw isn’t exactly the warmest place either, especially not during the winter, and it’s almost guaranteed that it’s colder along the outside of a massive building.

Overall, these two pieces of art don’t really represent what players will find in The Medium. While they’re absolutely nice to look at, the game itself is extremely unsettling. Taking place in Poland during the early 2000s, The Medium puts players in the shoes of Marianne, and tasks them with solving a mystery with the help of ghosts. The old buildings the game takes place in are largely bland, filled with various shades of brown and black. In the world of the dead, things are slightly more colorful but just as disturbing. You certainly wouldn’t want to look at the moth-filled limbo depicted in The Medium as much as you would its real-world art.

It’s no surprise that Bloober Team is putting up art of its latest title either. For the small horror studio, which has previously developed Observer and Blair WitchThe Medium was a massive success. The game sold incredibly well and has already made back its development costs.

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