The creators behind the Bloodborne PSX Demake, which completely reimagines the brutal PS4 fantasy-RPG into a 32-bit era romp, have shared a new update featuring the boss battle against the Cleric Beast.

The creature isn’t just the only thing that’s been given a PSOne ‘overhaul,’ as the music has been recreated using a Roland SC-88 for that extra authentic retro touch.

The Bloodborne PSX Demake is in development by Lilith Walther, and so far has done a fantastic job at giving the original game a retro overhaul. Everything from the animations to the visuals are straight out of what you’d expect from the mid-late 1990s, which for a big retro game like me is a joy to look at.

Bloodborne was originally released for the PS4 back in March 2015 and remains one of the console’s most celebrated titles. Unfortunately, calls for a full remaster have yet to be answered, although modder Lance McDonald has made available a brilliant 60 FPS patch to download.

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