This morning I duly made my way for the third time this year to City West vaccination Centre to get a booster shot of the Moderna vaccine. Given reports of lengthy queues I was prepared for a long wait but that wasn’t the case. I was in and out in 40 minutes including the mandatory 15 minutes after the jab. It was busy, but good organisation kept us all moving steadily. Once again huge thanks are due to the HSE staff and volunteers (including the piano player) for all their efforts!

It could have been even quicker but the computer system had mistakenly registered that I have a history of anaphylaxis (which I don’t) so I had to answer a longer set of questions and wait for my record to be corrected. I guess someone ticked the wrong box the last time I was there!

I didn’t have any serious side effects with my other doses but I am working from home anyway, and don’t have anything scheduled this afternoon, so I can crash out if needs be. In the meantime I’ll get on with some work…

P. S. There seemed to me to be much less nervousness among the people in the queue this time. Everyone was quite chatty. I guess we’re all getting used to this rigmarole now!

Update: 10.20pm. No particularly serious side effects but I’m feeling very tired and achey so am having an early night!