Manageable believes that the future of leadership lies in transforming managers into coaches. Whereas most premium coaching services focus on the C-Suite, Manageable knows that transforming the middle management of an organisation can have a substantially greater impact. Real skill building comes with practice, not theory, and so their business focuses on building a community of managers who learn the same coaching skills as their C Suite, whilst practising peer to peer coaching in a community of like-minded managers. Our challenge was to build a brand that would cut through in a crowded marketplace, and speak to their key differentiators: Community and Practice.

To achieve transformation and mastery, you need practice. We took the core idea of practice and built a brand world around the process, where the logo reveals more of itself as it animates to reflect that practice really does reveal our greatest potential. All the icons have an illustrative purpose and are more evocative and playful than the cliche icons like e.g. a globe or a lightbulb. For example, the bespoke bike icon for coaching practice is inspired by the idea that “Riding a bike like a pro is like managing your team well. It takes practice.”

The monogram is unique and ownable, it represents the core idea behind the brand: collaboration. Two parts come together in the ‘M’ to create a larger message, just as peer to peer learning can grow your professional potential exponentially. The brand colours are welcoming, exciting, friendly and stands apart from our competitors.

“White Bear lived up to their reputation – building a multi-dimensional brand for scale that will take us on the next few years of our journey to transform managers into coaches. Our brand now firmly differentiates us in the marketplace and helps us cut through, influence, and stick in the minds of our potential clients.” – Farley Thomas Founder

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