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BU Student Link

The BU Student Link: Boston University Student Link. Boston University online education student link (or)

BU Student Link

Established in early 1839, Boston University has seen many academic years producing the best student in different fields. The private University is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and holds a capacity of more than 33,000 students and 3,900 faculty members becoming the largest employers in Boston. Students can enroll for Bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees. Doctorates, medical, dental, and law courses. In the year 2002, BU digitalized its education system offering online programs to many students globally. Students can learn from anywhere accessing all the online programs, which later they can attain degrees oncourse taken.

The online portal has all learning materials, online facilitators, discussion boards, an interactive multimedia content, which helps them in online studies. The programs are designed to fit every student according to their ability—a more convenient way of learning than the regular class study. Students can record the lectures for later use; the programs run 24/7, giving students the freedom to learn at their schedule.

BU Student Link
BU Student Link

Student Link BU

The student link is an official online program which is provided at the Boston University. The facility is only accessible to students with login details such as BU login name and Kerberos password. For students to benefit from the link, they have to create an account to keep them updated with education details. The portal contains valuable information from new and continuing students, such as:

  • Academic records
  • About financial aid.
  • Payment details
  • Job list
  • Personal records at the BU
  • Transcripts and class schedules.

Boston University Student link

Students can access the student link using the link availing all their education information. The portal has several details as follows:


The section contains academic records and University schedule programs; here students can view:

  • All courses provided at the University can check the list of courses they are entitled to by clicking on the tab current schedule.
  • Please select the option classes to view the list of courses one has taken at the University.
  • Click on the University class schedule to view all courses offered in one semester.
  • View grades from all test by clicking grades from the menu.
  • Select the option transcript to have an unofficial transcript copy.

Payment (money matters)

Students can use the electronic payment method using a US bank account online account on the student link. On the portal select the tab money matter followed student account inquiry

  • Visit the official student link website portal.
  • on the menu click on the tab money matter.
  • Next, select the student account inquiry then click on the make payment tab.

The money matters tab is meant to offer al financial records at the BU, the student account and financial aid are provided from the menu. BU students can make payments on their own or provide parents/guardians with details to make payments.  Students can view the following:

  • Tuition payment balance from the student account inquiry.
  • The status of the payment and financial aid which is under financial aid.
  • General financial aid information.

Parent access process

  • Go to the official page

on the homepage, select the tab “personal” next select the option “shareLink access” this is separate permission from consent-to-disclosure. The University can communicate with parents using this link, granting them permission for particular services or situations

Ways to make payments

  • electronic payment method
  • personal cheque, money order, 529 plan checks.
  • Using a credit card for part-time students
  • International payment.


For a personal section, students can use personal information such as names, addresses, profile pictures, and all personal data recorded by the University.

  • View your address, registered mobile number, and emergency contact information. Click on the tab address and phone.
  • Check on your profile page, which includes dates of birth, gender, ethnicity, marital status, religion, and country of origin.
  • View records saved at the University by selecting “identification” your name will show on the screen as registered at the University.
  • Students can restrict public access to their accounts by clicking on the option “directory information.”


The primary section has all information about how to navigate the official student website.


Students account is achieved after the student makes payment and then selects courses.  Once you fulfill the two activities, the University considers you a registered student and can access all BU services. Students must create a student BU login id and Kerberos password to help confirm your identity in the University system.

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