Building Java Microservices with gRPC

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Given the increasing trend toward microservices architecture, more and more businesses are adopting gRPC, which helps developers build scalable microservices with a low latency and higher throughput. In this course, Ketkee Aryamane covers the fundamentals of gRPC and its key features. Ketkee starts with the basic theory behind RPC and the HTTP/2 protocol, then shows how to build two gRPC services in Java from scratch using protocol buffers, and connects those services with each other using gRPC. She also covers how to generate clients that can invoke those services. If you’re a developer looking for new ways of developing web services, following along with Ketkee as she builds microservices from scratch is a great way to learn new concepts, while also seeing these concepts put to practical use.

Table of Contents

1 Microservices with gRPC
2 What you should know

Introduction to gRPC
3 Inter-service communication
4 gRPC framework overview
5 gRPC framework features
6 gRPC foundations
7 HTTP1 problems
8 How is HTTP2 better
9 Understand protocol buffers
10 Steps to develop a gRPC service

Building Blocks of gRPC
11 Using protocol buffers
12 Using the gRPC API Download utilities
13 Service definition using protobuffs
14 Generate stubs using protoc
15 Generated classes walk-through
16 Metadata and channels
17 Types of gRPC calls

Build User Service Using RPC
18 Overview of order management services built in the course
19 Create a maven-gRPC project
20 Define user.proto and generate service stubs
21 Database code setup
22 Add database method to get user details
23 Implement service stub
24 Write code to host the user service
25 Test the user service

Build Order Management Service Using gRPC
26 Define order.proto and generate stubs
27 Add database method to get orders
28 Add service method to get order details
29 Write code to host order service
30 Test the order service using the client
31 Recap to connect user and order services
32 Write a client to call order service
33 Call order client from user service
34 Test the full flow of order management
35 Challenge Implement add-to-cart use case

36 Building gRPC microservices in Java Advanced concepts