Nowadays, people are more and more quick to judge a person by his looks and sadly, it affects the person’s self-esteem that may lead to depression. This is why, I was inspired to create my first data visualization for my Data Science Program by FTW Foundation. I used the diabetes dataset of Pima Indians in the US.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the following “common myths” people say about genes or being overweight to diabetes. In English translation: “If he’s fat, he surely has diabetes.” and “Diabetes is hereditary. My Granny has. For sure I’ll have it, too.”

The dataset I used was not totally clean, meaning, there were some rows with missing data. I had to drop them because I still don’t know how to do imputations as of this writing. Nevertheless, by visualizing this data, I was able to bust common myths surrounding genes, being overweight and diabetes. At the same time, I realized that type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease and can be prevented.

You can view this on Tableau Public.

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