Call of Duty Best Year

Call of Duty is a staple gaming franchise. With annual releases, it’s totally viable for someone to just play Call of Duty titles year after year. However, it seems like the franchise is picking up even more steam. According to the latest earnings report from Activision Blizzard the Call of Duty franchise had its best year ever in 2020. With that knowledge, the massive company is preparing to double down on its tried-and-true FPS franchise.

According to a transcript of the earnings call, the best year in Call of Duty history can be chalked up to accessibility. Last year players had more ways “to connect and find community, particularly in Call of Duty. Our approach to the franchise has become the roadmap we are now applying in many of our other games.” The report goes on to list the free-to-play mobile Call of Duty title as well as its PC and console counterparts as a major reason the franchise is attracting more players. Overall, in 2020 over 250 million people were playing Call of Duty titles, a massive increase over the 70 million players the franchise attracted in 2018.

However, more is always better, and Activision Blizzard is looking to increase that player count to a cool 1 billion. The company is already outlining how it will go about achieving that massive milestone as well. Apparently, the first part of this approach is “with inspiration and creativity. We then offer great game play through free-to-play access to all consumers, availability on mobile phones, and continuous regular delivery of in-game content and premium content.” It’s not clear what these steps will look like for consumers, but it seems like Activision Blizzard is doubling down on the free-to-play mobile market. It’s a sound decision, as players can be introduced to a franchise at no cost and eventually buy into one.

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