We have successfully undergone a full-on makeover; new website, new name and all. You know how after big life events or circumstances you feel that you need to change something? Well, that’s exactly how we have felt over the past few years as the flexible workspace industry began growing at unprecedented rates.

You probably know us as OfficingToday (OT), the online publication that covers business center and serviced office news and trends. That’s been true of our mission ever since 2004, but this past year we spread our workspace wings much more further. Just like the industry we serve, we are now more than one workspace entity. We are a reflection, and even a lens into the future and past, of an entire and diverse industry.

We realized we needed to do more. It was time to switch things up.

One of the big obstacles we had to overcome was our name association. Officing was too closely related to the traditional office, a concept flexible workspace providers wanted to distance themselves from and it didn’t assert the wide variety of services and space type offerings that are available. Today confined us to the present, to a specific space in time, and work isn’t done in any particular time now; it can be done at anytime and from anywhere.

We needed to change and embrace new trends and ways of thinking.

So we did.

Technology, the gig economy, and millennials have all disrupted the traditional notion of work and office, giving birth to new work styles, new workspace types, and new motivations.  The change didn’t happen overnight, and our brand image didn’t either. For months, our team has worked tirelessly to get everything just right.

Our new name, Allwork.Space embraces and envelops all ways of working and all types of workspaces. It’s a reflection of all the industry and its participants: operators, suppliers, clients, and partners; regardless of shape, size, or model.

We’re now more than merely a news source; we’re also a global directory of workspaces, open to anyone and everyone who wishes to list their space. Plus, we’re seeking to do good in the world. Our efforts go alongside those of All Good Work, a not for profit foundation that seeks to match nonprofit organizations with unused workspace at a reduced price.

But more on that later.

For now, our name isn’t the only thing that’s changed; our look and feel did too. We’ve redesigned our website to better reflect modern times, current trends, and to enhance user experience — much like flexible workspaces do. We now have a platform that reflects our evolving industry and which can continue to grow and move alongside it.

Allwork is about inclusion, collaboration, and driving change. We want flexible workspace operators to keep growing, succeeding, and to keep revolutionizing the way we work. We want to be a part of this revolution by being the only place where all workspaces have a voice, a presence, and a source of inspiration.

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