Joybien mmWave 毫米波感測開發套件是一款毫米波(mmWave)雷達和藍牙低功耗(BLE)的擴充板,使用了 TI IWR1642 毫米波感測器做為核心,下載應用介紹


毫米波是第五代行動通訊(5G)中解決頻段問題的一項技術。Joybien mmWave 毫米波感測開發套件將原本複雜的雷達感測數據經過微積分和 FFT 等計算後,搭配 mmWave Python SDK 輸出簡單的資料結構,例如範圍、速度或是角度值等。




Hardware Specification
FMCW Transceiver * Integrated PLL; Transmitter; Receiver; Baseband; and A2D * 76- to 81-GHz Coverage With 4-GHz Continuous Bandwidth * Four Receive Channels * Two Transmit Channels * Ultra-Accurate Chirp (Timing) Engine Based on Fractional-N PLL * TX Power: 12.5 dBm * RX Noise Figure: 14 dB (76 to 77 GHz)/15 dB (77 to 81 GHz)
Built-in Calibration and Self-Test (Monitoring) * ARM® Cortex® -R4F-Based Radio Control System * Built-in Firmware (ROM) * Self-calibrating System Across Frequency and Temperature
DSP C674x DSP for FMCW Signal Processing
MCU * ARM Cortex-R4F Microcontroller for Application Control * I/O; SPI / CAN x 1 * Up to 2 UARTs I2C x 1 * GPIO: 0 ~ 2
Pre-Programmed Firmware "Flavor" * Vital Signs Detection (VSD) Firmware; for 30cm ~ 90cm wireless & contactless detection of Heartbeat & Respiration Rate * High Accuracy Measurement (HAM) Firmware; for 30cm ~ 300cm distance measurement with millimeter resolution * People Movement Behavior (PMB) Firmware; for detecting People Movement in 4m x 4m or 16 meter-square region for setting geo-fence(s) trigger action * Note: ONLY one of VSD; HAM; or PMB Firmware is pre-programmed within a single mmWave Module
Operating Temperature 0° to 40° degree Celsius
Operating Humidity 10 ~ 85% Non-Condensing
Dimensions & Weight 54.1mm x 45.7mm; 13.7 grams net


* mmWave 雷達 x1
* Raspberry Pi BLE HAT 擴充板 x1
* 塑膠螺絲柱 x8

* 應用介紹
* Joybien mmWave EVT Kit 腳位定義
* iOS mmWave Demo App
* TI IWR1642 Single-Chip mmWave Sensor

* mmWave Python SDK


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