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Chrome for Android is slated to adopt Material You color theming. One of the most notable aspects of the Material You design language in Android 12 includes apps’ ability to theme themselves on basis of users’ current wallpaper.

Now, 9to5Google suggests Chrome for Android might soon offer support for Material You color theming. Material You is expected to give a significant facelift to Material Design on Android. This will be a major improvement on 2018’s Material Theming.

What is Material You design system?

Material You refers to a significantly revamped color system to takes Android from binary light/dark themes to an impressive array of personalized color schemes. These are based on a user’s current wallpaper.

Some of the hallmark features of Material You include tweaks and changes to UI and cards and adding things like steeply rounded corners. Android developers are still unaware of how the Material You color system can be used.

According to 9to5Google contributor Dylan Roussel, app developers will fancy using color APIs that tend to return an appropriate shade. After the user has installed Android 12, it automatically takes care of the color changes.

Chrome for Android Material You

A new code change was listed on Chromium earlier this month. This code began revamping the way Chrome for Android dealt with its Material Design colors. The comments section features two developers, who are discussing how Chrome plans to use these colors.

Based on the discussion, it appears that Google Chrome will need another layer of work to “conditionally get the material next colors.” The Material You moniker was revealed during the Google I/O. Until then, Googlers referred to it as “Material NEXT” and it looks like the name has stuck.

It is clear that Google is currently considering ways to blend Material You’s chameleon-like nature into Chrome for Android. This is a notable addition to Chrome mobile, considering that it currently only offers a light/dark toggle.

Details about what part of Chrome for Android will be rethemed by Material You are still scarce. 9to5Google created a mockup based on the recently unveiled work. The mockup has reskinned Google Messages to describe the potential way that Chrome can be themed.

Chrome for Android Material You 1
Chrome for Android Material You 2
Chrome for Android Material You 3
Chrome for Android Material You 1
Chrome for Android Material You 2
Chrome for Android Material You 3

However, it is worth noting that the work hasn’t begun yet. Moreover, Material You won’t be launching until Android 12 releases later in 2021. In other words, we would need to wait for a long time before Chrome for Android receives a new color.

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