Full character system included

When you build with Tafi you’re not just buying an asset, you’re buying characters designed to blend with each other and to change during play in your games and apps. You’re buying clothing and hair that is swappable and will adapt to the various body shapes. This versatility lets you populate a world full of NPC’s and change them or your hero avatar as they progress and advance.

Ready to use (and expand):

When used together with other Tafi packages, Tafi's characters can change everything from skin materials to clothing by simply dragging the relevant items into the slots in the character builder and pressing "Build." Built items will even transfer morphs and other items straight into the relevant clothing pieces. Read below for more information about the innovative Tafi character system.

Create the simplest, and yet powerful, Character. This outfit perfectly captures the power, and richness, of Ancient Egypt and its culture.

Designed for Tafi Female Characters

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Technical Information

Included tools can be used to decimate, atlas, and merge materials. Assets have been provided at highest initial quality levels to provide greater flexibility for asset users.

Assets Included:

• Bottom: 44,662 Tris (Up to 4 Materials),

• BraceletL: 1,676 Tris (Up to 1 Materials),

• BraceletR: 1,668 Tris (Up to 1 Materials),

• ChestArmor: 22,600 Tris (Up to 1 Materials),

• Crown: 7,840 Tris (Up to 2 Materials),

• Earrings: 35,744 Tris (Up to 2 Materials),

• Footwear: 19,200 Tris (Up to 1 Materials),

• Leftwrist Bracelet: 10,432 Tris (Up to 1 Materials),

• Rightwrist Bracelet: 10,432 Tris (Up to 1 Materials),

• Top: 7,057 Tris (Up to 1 Materials),

Note: Basic character included, but custom characters used in example screenshots not included, sold separately.

Textures: Comes with a full set of 2048/4096px PBR textures and associated shaders. Included character tool can facilitate texture size reductions easily.

Shader Set: Uses the Daz3D Shader Set

Includes the Linteum character assembly tool - designed to mix and match clothing, characters, morphs and more from the entire range; and make them usable in your game or app.

Functionality includes

Built-in assembly of character parts, automatically merges clothing onto the same character hierarchy, including adjustments for various character shapes and sizes.

Morph functionality - add new characters and custom morphs to all your designs, mix and match to create the perfect results; morphs are copied onto all clothing.

Performance estimator - see how your character compares against characters in various shipped games.

Rigging aware decimation - automatic built-in decimation tool will help reduce polycounts while preserving extra polys in elbows and knees (note: results will vary by item, and decimation level; decimating base characters is not recommended)

Material merging tool - automatically merges materials together and deletes submeshes, when the material is a duplicate. Tint and adjust individual parts, and merge the rest!

Hidden surface deletion - helps trim non-visible faces from an assembled character to avoid bleed through during animations, and lower overall polycount.

Builds characters compatible with Humanoid Animation Avatars; use popular animation controllers with this character.

Only pack the blend shapes you need into your models - helps reduce overall memory consumption.

Texture atlasing tool - helps merge materials together and trim overall drawcalls.

SRP Support - Automatic adjustment of materials for HDRP(2018.4) LTS, HDRP(2019.4) LTS, URP and Standard Render Pipelines.

Price $15.00