It was great talking to Brian Rue, CEO and co-founder, and Michael Davis, chief revenue officer at Rollbar about their release of the market’s first SaaS solution, compliant with regulations and standards such as HIPAA and ISO 27001.

The solution is built for developers and designed for compliance. Rollbar Compliant SaaS expands on error monitoring capabilities to include data security and compliance in the cloud. It helps to address the complexity of how developers are developing software.

“At Rollbar, our mission is to help developers build and maintain software, quickly and painlessly,” says Brian. “Rollbar Compliant SaaS helps companies deliver software smarter, faster and with more focus on the customer experience while ensuring that sensitive data is protected and compliance obligations are met.”

Rollbar enables developers to find and fix critical production errors quickly by intelligently grouping errors and notifying teams in real-time via multiple channels. Developers then have the detailed information they need to resolve the error before end users have even noticed or reported it. With its new Compliant SaaS offering, Rollbar customers are assured that even if their errors contain protected health information (PHI) or other sensitive data, it will be protected in compliance with regulations and industry standards.  

Rollbar now provides Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), indicating its commitment to the highest standards of data security. By providing compliant error monitoring in the cloud, Rollbar eliminates the burden of implementation and infrastructure maintenance and cost required for self-hosted tools, or reduces the need to perform manual activities such as scrubbing sensitive data when using noncompliant error monitoring cloud platforms.

With capabilities such as data encryption at rest including a different encryption key per customer, two-factor authentication, SAML-based single sign-on, and an entire suite of audit controls, Rollbar protects your information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Advanced security controls provide centralized control of users and visibility into all their actions, line of sight into all actions taken in the Rollbar UI and other security controls, such as control of the maximum number of login attempts for users.