Who wants to play with a cool new tool called Tolstoy that lets us create “choose your own adventure” videos?

This is the future of landing pages– instead of forcing everyone to watch the same 60-minute video, we can go straight to what they care about.

And instead of taking many touches over many weeks, we can collapse it down to just one session, collecting information and credit cards, too.

Tools like LightSpeed VT, VideoAsk, and many more let us plot interactive journeys– such as a single video is now your funnel.

Your video is now your landing page.

And nobody seems to be doing it well yet.

Nor do they integrate ads, analytics, training programs, and so forth– to create ridiculously awesome stuff with powerful people.

I’ve been experimenting here and found I can make these in minutes with no tech skill.

The real skill is in understanding psychology and sales– not in fooling with tools.

In just an hour, a friend and I planned and shot a whole interactive sequence here.

No tools except my iPhone, a mic, and our brains.

Want to play?