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CTU Student Login

CTU Online Login

Founded 55 years ago (1965), CTU University is presented as a for-profit University in the United States. The institute is owned by the famous Perdoceo Education Corporation and has hosted thousands of students who graduate from various degree courses. CTU offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in business, management, and technology. The University uses advanced technology, as 92% of CTU courses are offer online.

The virtual learning program is equally with the regular classrooms. The student receives lectures from qualified faculty members and can also meet other students through the platform.  The Colorado Technical University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission HLC of the North Central Association of colleges and Universities.

CTU online degree programs

CTU University provides more online courses considering the busy life schedule of many students. The programs are accessible through the student portal or CTU mobile application. Students can take the lessons anytime, anywhere, according to the schedule.  The CTU online degree programs have different courses (100 courses) in associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral programs. 

CTU Student Login

CTU Student Login
CTU Student Login

Colorado Technical University (CTU) Student Login portal direct link :

Colorado Technical University Student Portal

The Colorado Technical University (CTU), student portal is easy to navigate; students need a password and username to access the page. Once logged in, one can use the following resources:

  • Course name

The latest announcements and notifications about your courses.

  • To-do list

Here students can view and sort each upcoming task from the portal.

  • Assignments

The faculty will provide students with assignments which they display on the student portal. You can view the list and sort it by the type and due date.  Select any assignment and complete presenting it back through the portal.

  • Resources

Students can access their e-books for their current and previous courses. CTU Colorado Springs’ virtual library and an online database with useful research resources about your degree program are also found under the resources tab.

  • Grades

The grades are also display in the CTU student portal, view on your grade book, and learn on your progress.

  • Classmates

The student portal is a small community where students can interact with fellow students. They can also have forums and discussions through email and live chats. 

  • Site menu

Use the portal site tools to get in touch with faculty and other students. Use an app such as a messenger app. access the school information and department contact list through the student portal.

Colorado Technical University Financial aid

To help students study efficiently without worrying about finances. CTU helps students attain their education goals using several financial aid resources. They also provide information about how you can manage the fee with the help of qualified experts.

  • The tuition and graduation date calculator

Several things can affect the total tuition and graduation date: fast track, transfer credit, and military affiliation.

  • A net price calculator

The financial experts will help you get the total amount for your tuition, fee, expenses, and the possible grants you can receive.

  • Scholarships and grants

University provides you with scholarship and grants information by checking the eligibility criteria and how to apply for the same.


The post CTU Student Login – Colorado Technical University: CTU Student portal appeared first on The Innovation Diaries 2020.