It is a cube character that goes well with hyper casual games.
You can create moving characters using Mixamo.

Try the free demo ✨Cube People - Demo

Note) The demo package is also available for commercial use.

-Character variation customization. (Face & upper body & lower body are separated by texture)
-Replace skin with texture. (UV mapped body)
-One texture covers both men and women
-Character setup to work with Mecanim.(No finger & toe bones/ holds fist)
-Supported with Mixamo.
-2x head, 3x upper body, 3x lower body and more than +100 kinds of variations are prepared.

🎬Mixamo tutorial for animation creation(Youtube)
-The character is set with a humanoid mecanim. Characters can be animated using

Male & Female Characters (+6 variation)
Police, soldier, worker

This asset contains:

Male Head x1 (40tri, 512-png, UV)
Male top x1 (172tri, 512-png, UV)
Male bottom x1 (104tri, 512-png, UV)
Female Head x1 (20tri, 512-png, UV)
Female top x1 (184tri, 512-png, UV)
Female bottom x1 (104tri, 512-png, UV)
Hat x3 (44tri, 512-png, No UV)
glasses x2 (119tri, 512-png, No UV)
backpack x1 (139tri, 512-png, No UV)

Male Head x1 (Diffuse, 512x512, png)
Female Head x1 (Diffuse, 512x512, png)
Top x3 (Diffuse, 512x512, png)
Bottom x 3 (Diffuse, 512x512, png)

There is no animation in the package.
Only walking & running animations for demo.
Animations can be download for free from

Price $9.99