It is a cube character that goes well with hyper casual games.
You can create moving characters using Mixamo.
If this package fits your project well, see more characters and variations in the full version!
Cube People - Crowd

Note) The demo package is also available for commercial use.

-Character variation customization. (Face & upper body & lower body are separated by texture)
-Replace skin with texture. (UV mapped body)
-One texture covers both men and women
-Character setup to work with Mecanim.(No finger & toe bones/ holds fist)
-Supported with Mixamo.
-10x head, 10x upper body, 10x lower body and more than +100 kinds of variations are prepared (Full version only)

🎬Mixamo tutorial for animation creation(Youtube)
-The character is set with a humanoid mecanim. Characters can be animated using

Male & Female Characters (+42 variation)

This asset contains:

Male Head x1 (40tri, 512-png, UV)
Male top x1 (172tri, 512-png, UV)
Male bottom x1 (104tri, 512-png, UV)
Female Head x1 (20tri, 512-png, UV)
Female top x1 (184tri, 512-png, UV)
Female bottom x1 (104tri, 512-png, UV)
Hat x1 (44tri, 512-png, No UV)
Pistol x1 (119tri, 512-png, No UV)
Rifle x1 (139tri, 512-png, No UV)

Male Head x1 (Diffuse, 512x512, png, 7 variation)
Female Head x1 (Diffuse, 512x512, png, 7 variation)
Underwear top x1 (Diffuse, 512x512, png)
White top x1 (Diffuse, 512x512, png)
Brown top x1 (Diffuse, 512x512, png)
Underwear bottom x1 (Diffuse, 512x512, png)
Blue pants x1 (Diffuse, 512x512, png)
Brown pants x1 (Diffuse, 512x512, png)

There is no animation in the package.
Only walking & running animations for demo.
Animations can be download for free from

Contains the NaviMeshAgent script and scene shown in the preview video.
This is a demo script and does not guarantee quality.
Price $0.00