Each Zelda game has a unique set of characters for us to interact with, whether it be for pleasant conversation or deadly battle. We all have our favorite moments, character moments that surprised us, character moments that we expected, and, unfortunately, character moments that disappointed us. The Zelda series having an array of different setting and locations, it frankly is something of a normal occurrence when something in a game rubs us the wrong way. The Zelda series surely has perfect elements, but nothing is ever quite perfect. Perhaps there is a character you loved that you were expecting to be more fleshed out, or a character that never quite reached the potential you thought they had.

For me, the character with the most wasted potential is the Usurper King Zant. I thought he was a really interesting villian in a refreshing way for the Zelda series. His insanity and psychological issues were honestly captivating and intriguing until Ganondorf took the slot as the main villian and as the cause of the insanity of Zant. I am curious to think of what Twilight Princess may have looked like if Ganondorf was not involved at all, but at the same time I can’t seem to imagine Twilight Princess without Ganondorf and the transition between the two antagonists, however messy it was.

What do you think? What character do you think had the most wasted potential? What effect would a change have had on the story? Let us know in the comments below!

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